D-A Series LED Moving Sign Product Info

[D-A Series]
D-A Series :
A single line display panel with simple protocol, practically for both indoor or semi-outdoor application. Data message can be easy input by IR remote keyboard or PC interface.
DA-Series selection guide
Model D-A310/D-A510 D-A314/D-A514 D-A320/D-A520
Display Color Red/16 Red/16 Red/16
Dot resolution 7x60 7x80 7x120
No. of Character 10-12 14-16 20-22
Display Area 53x457mm 53x610mm 53x912mm
Outer Dimension  108x512x45mm 108x700x45mm 108x1065x45mm
*** Superbright models is also available ***
Product Specification:-
Display Element         :5mm 5x7 dot matrix module       
Character height        :2"
Display features        :26 (includes 2 animation graphics, 
                                      2 canned messages, 
                                      3 speed control)
Security password       :Yes
Show time/date          :Yes
Screen on/off           :Yes
Character Memory        :1300 (expandable to 10,000)
Operate                 :IR remote keyboard or PC interface

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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